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Hello World !
Thank you having made this first step : THE clic !
Welcome on my new projects "Open-Code" space !
Open-Code is the appendice in which you will find a lot of different sets of explained internet code in order to develop a website. The basic idea is very simple : I wanted to share with you my tests, experimentations, and prototypes based on HTML, CSS, but also PHP, and MySQL... The thing is that I'm always trying to experiment someone elses code in order to implement it and adapt it to my needs : we can call it Hacking, I propose you to do the same !
You don't know how to code ? No worries, neither do I ! But nothing can stop you to learn ! And coding is about to become one of the most used language all over the world at this exact time !

On Open-Code you will find every tools and sets of code I used in order to develop my new website : which is presenting my new Freelance activity in Innovation Management by Design Thinking.
What is it ?
"An experimentation track: from ideation to final prototype."
- How do we generate an idea ? In which context ? With who ?
- How can we work on an idea in order to follow an inovation track ?
- How do we integrate user inside the heart of the innovation project ?
- How can we test his idea and begin an iterative rapid prototyping process ?

Finally, Open-Code is a sharing space, because I assume that I don't know everything, and so do you ! So do not hesitate to make these "Days" yours ! But also: amplify, share, and ameliorate this content !

Because coding is definitely no such a big thing,
Because I'm sick of hearing people saying they can't do it,
Because coding is about to become the official language on earth,
Let's go...

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Day 1
The Basics

Day 2
The Stylesheet